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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Women's World

"Women are getting more and more multi-faceted by the day. whether it's cosmetics, an indulgent spa, kickboxing classes or a trendy restaurant, women are strong earners and live the modern lifestyle with zest.

We invited exciting brands to participate in our hugely popular Star Special where you'll have the chance to target women and brand accordingly through a good story."

I found the above in the STAR. It is an advertisement, but I like the words so teacher share this with you. Task for you: As a writing exercise, I want you (boys and girls) to post a picture of a spa, or makeup or whatever you think women like! Then do a write-up on the picture you have posted.

This is Teacher's post:

My facial at Estee Lauder cabine, Parkson Grand, KLCC
To unwind and destress, I went for a most relaxing and pampering facial at Estee. What about you?

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Mid Muet 2011 Paper 2 Speaking Questions

Booklet 1
Situation Malaysia needs to produce more world-class sportsment and sportswomen. Who can contribute towards achieving this?
Task A: You think that parents play an important role in producing more world-class sportsment and sportswomen.
Task B: Group Interaction (10 minutes)
Discuss which of the following play(s) the most important role in producing more world-class sportsment and sportswomen.
i. Parents
ii Schools
iii The Public
iv The Ministry of Youth and Sports

Booklet 2 The Internet has revolutionised our lives in many ways. Which aspects of our lives have changed?
i Business
ii Communication
iii Education
iv Entertainment

Booklet 3
Violence against women has increased steadily over the years. Who could play an effective role in curbing this problem?
i Women themselves
ii The authorities
iii Society
iv The mass media

Booklet 4
Fast Food outlets have many advantages. What are some of the advantages?
i Fast food outlets provide job opportunities for young people
ii Fast food outlets provide a convenient service
iii Fast food outlets provide a variety of food
iv Fast food outlets provide a comfortable environment for meals.

Booklet 5 If you are allowed to watch only one television programme which is beneficial to you which would you choose?
i. Sports
ii News
iii Entertainment
iv Documentaries

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Good Luck, Syafikah, we will miss you.

Dear Syafikah, Even though you have left our class, I will always miss you because you will come to the front and seek some reassurance(sorry I chased you away! I thought you were disturbing my speaking group....) and I like your insatiable quest for knowledge. Don't give up studying in your new chosen field and I hope to see you successful one day. P.S. I miss your sidling into the class long after I have started lessons, at least you made the effort to come to school! You also shocked me one day when you came in, put your bags down, and headed for the biscuit tin!!! You had not have your breakfast, you explained. Well, Syafikah, at least you showed up!!

Monday, March 21, 2011

Raising Green Awareness

Oh Dear!!! I had such a poor response to the last task, nvm, maybe you are all not parents yet and do not know anything on parenting, so I forgive you all for not writing. Today, I have a new writing task for all of you. EVERYBODY HAS TO CONTIRBUTE!!

The Ministry of Energy, Green Technology and Water recently organised a a Green Carnival. The Green Carnival is to raise green awareness. The objectives are:
  • to encourge the community to adopt a greener way of life,
  • to protect and preserve the environment,
  • introduce green products
  • to highlight green initiatives advocated by the government to promote green living.

This is aimed at raising awareness of green practices and to encourage Malaysians from different walks of life to embrace a green lifestyle.

Task: I want you to choose one of the above and write what you have done or are going to do to help promote green living.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Model Parents

Modern Parenting Tip:

Take your tiny tot out for sunday morning does not matter where and it does not have to be somewhere fancy or expensive. The fact that mummy and daddy takes me out is just great! Mom is in flip flops and carries my milk bottle bag and baby harness, dad is smart casual and me? my favourite Elmo T shirt and skull cap! We are walking down Toa Payoh market and Dad will take me to a dim sum breakfast. Really, even it is kopi o and burnt toast, I won't mind, look, I am so happy with my parents!!!

Urban Parenting

the Sun

Urban Parenting

This monthly section highlights subjects and issues relevant to urban parents keen to ensure their children's growing years are as meaningful as possible. Enlightening and entertaining articles capturing the vibes of modern living highlight parenting tips, trends and issues that parents would find most useful.

We invite you to be part of this section that should help prents and non-parents alike new perspective on raising children in the globalished era.

In this segment, I want you all to upload pictures that portray parenting, or how your parents raise you when you were kids whether good or bad, and comment on them. Now I know exams are next week, so you have the holidays to do it.