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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Muet Teacher's Tips on Preparation for MUET Exam.

I am a MUET teacher and I contend that Nurly obtained a Band 6 due to her proficiency in the language. However, those who are not, cannot afford to sit on their laurels.

1. You have to go the extra mile to prepare well ahead for the MUET papers.
2. Use the language more often; in fact as much as you can, with your friends, family and
3. Spend time reading the newspaper to keep abreast with the current issues.
4. Keep a scrapbook to collect articles.
5. Look up the meaning of words and record them down to help enrich your vocabulary.
6. Purchase a simple reference book for basic grammar, even the ones used by the lower
secondary would do as grammar is grammar and will not change no matter what level you
are in.

You would be surprised how these simple efforts can go a long way in helping you improve in the language.

All the best to those who are sitting for the Oct/Nov Muet papers :) If you require more help please contact me :

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