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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

model answer for the mid year MUET writing paper, question 1.

Dear Students,
Please get hold of 2010 Mid year MUET Paper Question 1

Question 1 MUET Mid Year Writing Paper 800/4 sample answer

Frequency of Visits to the Three Music Websites by Teenagers

The stimuli present a bar graph on visits to the three music websites by teenagers in the month of August and a table on promotional activities of the three sites within the same period. In general, visits to the music websites especially Music Connect increased in direct proportion to the frequency and type of promotional activities provided by the websites.

According to the bar graph, Music Connect was the most popularly visited website by teenagers as it recorded a total of about 133 000 visitors for the month of August. This was followed closely by Music Network which had 125 000 visitors while the least visited of the three websits was Era Music with only 50 000 visitors. The number of visitors fluctuated from week to week and website to website depending on how attractive were the promotional activities carried out by each website each week.

Based on the table, Music Network was the only website that had a promotional activity called 'Name that tune' in the first week therefore it scored the highest hits with 40 000 visitors compared to Music Connect (15 000) and Era Music (10 000). In week 2, Music Connect organised free music CDs for its visitors which gave them 35 000 hits. This promotion was more attractive than 'Name the singer' by Music Network and 'Name the movie' by Era Music therefore the type of promotionial activity carried out is a major factor to draw more visitors to the websites. Week 3 showed the least hits for all three websites as there were no promotional activities carried out at that time. Finally, in week 4, visits to Music Connect skyrocketed to 55 000 hits because they organised free concert tickets for its visitors. Music Network came in second after carrying out a 'Whose line is it' promotion compared to Era Music which attracted only 10 000 as they did not plan any promotional activity for their website.

In conclusion, if websites carry out exciting and attractive promotional activities such as those conducted by Music Connect, then the number of teenage visitors will continue to increase. The websites should increase promotional activities that can capture the attention of more teenagers by providing free gifts or meet the celebrity tickets because it will directly affect their website's popularity especially among the younger generation.

By Audrey Wiles,
Papar , Sabah

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