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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Women's World

"Women are getting more and more multi-faceted by the day. whether it's cosmetics, an indulgent spa, kickboxing classes or a trendy restaurant, women are strong earners and live the modern lifestyle with zest.

We invited exciting brands to participate in our hugely popular Star Special where you'll have the chance to target women and brand accordingly through a good story."

I found the above in the STAR. It is an advertisement, but I like the words so teacher share this with you. Task for you: As a writing exercise, I want you (boys and girls) to post a picture of a spa, or makeup or whatever you think women like! Then do a write-up on the picture you have posted.

This is Teacher's post:

My facial at Estee Lauder cabine, Parkson Grand, KLCC
To unwind and destress, I went for a most relaxing and pampering facial at Estee. What about you?

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