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Friday, March 4, 2011

Civil war is near ~~~~ everyone check your weapons, load your rifle , sharpen your boyonets and ready to war !!!! Uraaaaaaa ~~~~~ MPPU hooh hah , hopefully all of u pass your test !!!!! No more facebook this weekends , no more PSP or PS3 on your palm , no dating with girl/boy friends (temporary) and must courting with the handsome Mr.Pengajian Am, genius Miss.BM, gorgeous madam MUET , Humour Mr.Perniagaan and the both charming Miss Ekonomi (mikro & makro), no other choice to tackle ~~~ Did they love me ? perhaps ~~~ or not , but at least i need to love and take care all of em ~~~~ Good Luck , me & all of u ^^

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  1. ha ha ha! good work Sanny! Good luck in your exams, and syabas too, for taking good care of the students too. The speaker was good, but she asked questions that even I could not answer! Gorgeous Madam MUET?..hmmm, must vamp up my looks and update my wardrobe to live up to the image!