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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

The Garden
The corner i like which is the garden in my previous house. It was a water fall and defferent type of fish inside it. Beside this also plant a lot of flower, fruit tree and also some kind of herb. Such as orchid, papaya, banana...
When i was small, I like to plant some vege or flower inside the garden. Every weekend i also busy in the garden. I will watering, fertilized, remove the glass, and so on. Althought it was quite tired, but when the plant were blooming or bearing fruit. Some kind of feeling will come out form my heart which is cannot describable.
Sometimes when i was feeling moody i will sit on the meadow. Listen to the water sound, and feel the wind that pass thought my body. And i will fell all the presure will go with the wind.
I miss my garden so much...


  1. Wai Lun, if you compare today's writing with the previous one, (Nasi Lemak) this one is better now, with wider vocabulary, but of course, a lot of work needs to be done! (grammar, tenses, etc) but I like the honest outpouring from your heart!