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Monday, February 28, 2011

This is my dream favourite room , a movie room or in malay we called it as "bilik tayangan" , comfortable sofa , air condition ,and a little table inside the room for us to enjoying our junk food ....... Light up the projector , start the DVD video and the sharp and beautiful music that surrounding the room from the hi-fi speaker. I can enjoy karaoke and rock musical with my dearest friends , or watching romantic love movie with my darling in this room . However, dreams are not reality, its the only kind of real fantasy , it is not the real , it isn't in my house , and also the costly and expensive musical videos are blacked out of my mind . Besides that, my house was an apartment, a boring apartment and the annoying neighbours will complain for noisy when i enjoy my movie with the loud speaker . Therefore , i decide to enjoy this favourite hobby in the cinema or the karaoke box =)


  1. Very nice room! My dream audio-visual room too, wish I can have one! And your English is very good now!

  2. thx teacher , but i still need to improve my vocabulary and grammar as well ~~~~