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Monday, February 14, 2011

Meet the students of Pre U 2, 2011 Permaisuri.

Welcome to PPU Atas 2
(Pre University Upper...2)

The door is always.......Closed!
ha ha ha...but come in anyway!

Me (Pn Loo) and the class in session
Below.....Hee, she is so shy!


She is so hardworking and studious!

Demure and conscientious
Livewire of the class, Anis, also the headprefect
Sanny, a great public speaker

Wai Loon, quite shy
Aizat is very meticulous
she needs time to thaw
okay,the ice has broken
Amirul is the most tech savvy of the lot, apart from Anis
Heated discussion in progress
Aizat lightens up!
Internet infrastructure may be lacking, but we are resourceful
and we make Anis diligently adds all her classmates to the blog.
Now Hee shows her face.
There, all 13 students of PPU 2!!!!
We Love Our Class!