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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Traditional Nasi Lemak (no idea :P)
It is a quite common food, which you can find it easily in Malaysia~~
Let us look about how special is it~~
First!! the rice of nasi lemak!! It is cook with coconut water and pandan leaf.
So when you are eating the rice, it will come a little of coconut and pandan flavour.
Next, the main item in the dish, the rendang chicken !!!
It is cook with some fragrant herb, lemon grass, onion and chilli.
It taste a bit spicy and when you are nibbling it, you will found a small amount of fragrant which come form the lemon grass and the herb...
This dish also garnished with some fry peanut and billis fish.
You can enjoy the "crop crop"sound come out form your mouth.
This garnished make this dish become more special.
And it also add a third quarter boiled egg and a few piece of cucumber.
It may reduce the feeling of oily, after eat much of meat.
In addiction, in this dish also have some special flavour! Which come from the banana leaf.
The function of banana leaf not only in smell, it also will absorb the extra oil form the chicken.
Although this dish is not very pleasing to the sigh, but the only thing i can tell you is --BEST.
The best food in Malaysia!!!


  1. Dear .....!!! Very good! this is a good start! Nasi Lemak is my favourite too! My daughter who is now PR (permanent resident of Melbourne, misses it very much!

    What about the other students? Where are your posts on the food?

  2. nice work dude ~~~~ i gonna learn more from u all ~~~~