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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Yum Yum , Its a CHINESE traditional food right now ~~~

haha ~~~~ what i want to share to u all is the gold golden SWEET & SOUR CHICKEN or the chinese called it as KU LOW chinken . It came from HongKong and brought to Malaysia ~~~ The golden chicken flesh , sweet tomato sauce mix with sour pineapple pulp , healthy and fresh cucumber and onion slices ...... Whoa ~~~ what a perfect match, U gonna have to try this .......

The charming and the shiny golden chicken flesh makes me addicted on it , fragrant smell from the dish flow slowly and slowly to my nose , and the action that we will do the next is ...... taste it, springy and crispy chicken ...... in your mouth , chew it , bite it ,you feel sweet and a little sour that brought by the pineapple pulp , sweet and sour taste fullfill your mouth , then swallow it slowly and slowly , enjoy the food with my dearest family and friends ~~~ enjoying the prosperity and the happiness with them ....... Especially in the Chinese New Year , majority of the chinese families will cook or order this delicious dishes because they believe the dish will bring happiness , prosperity , richness and wealthy to them , including me , i believe this legend , the tradition ..... from the ancestors to the new generation , from the old to the young , this dish is meaningful ........ because the taste and the colour of the dish bringing some auspicious meaning, the sweetness of the dish , means happiness and friendly ~~~ the second meaning is the colour , the golden and red colour of this dish will give prosperity and richness ...... What a meaningful and delicious recipe ? This is why I love this Ku Low Chicken so much ..... Love it until i want to cook it ..... i learned from my mum 3 days and finally i succeed !!! Oh yea baby =)

This was a great receipe. The chicken was very tender and tasted great! I fixed extra and feed my family member before and there was nothing left. It was a big hit! The sweet & sour sauce was really good too! I ended up not having the golden red food coloring but it still tasted really good. I did add a little more sugar then what was called for and it tasted just like we had ordered out. I love this food so much ...... really !!! Compare to the western , korean and japanese food , i would like to choose the chinese food , i've been proud to my own race , and the last i hope i can share this food to the whole wide world , and introduce more chinese auspicious and meaningful foods to everyone of you , my friend ~~~~ We are the world ~~~ =)

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  1. waah! when I opened the post, I was so hungry! Ku Lo yok looked so delicious I wanted to eat it! Nice pic!