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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Title,Overview, General Trend,Body,Conclusion

In the sample essay I have copied from somewhere and pasted for you, I want you to find the above elements: Title, Overview, General Trend, Body and Conclusion!

As I have taught you in class, the above is THE ONLY WAY to tackle Question 1.
Read now an adapted method by Audrey Wiles: (with some changes made by me)

Firstly, extract the TITLE from the question and underline it.

For the first paragraph, it consists of minimum 2 sentences: the OverView (OV) and General Trend (GT).

OV- What does the stimuli present? Answer: a bar graph, diagram, pie chart, pictograph, newspaper headline or article, some notes etc.

GT - What is the general trend of all the stimuli combined? Answer: Increasing, Decreasing, Consistent or Fluctuating (NOTE: These are the FOUR main trends)

BodyFor the second and/or third paragraphs, you need to identify the Key Features (KFs) which are the MOST OUTSTANDING ideas from the stimuli.

(NOTE: report will be marked DOWN if students just LIST ALL FEATURES and information from the stimuli without choosing the MOST IMPORTANT AND OUTSTANDING details, students must be SELECTIVE of which details to include)

*There is no set number of KFs that need to be identified (10 points). Therefore, this report writing is more difficult to perfect as it depends heavily on the students' understanding and proficiency.

**Also ensure that students do not make any external ASSUMPTIONS! Do not give your own ideas and opinions no matter how plausible they may be. This is NOT LIKE PENGAJIAN AM where ANDAIAN is part of the marking scheme.

***You may write in just 1 paragraph but 2 or 3 paragraphs are also accepted, generally it depends on what kind of stimuli are given. Begin each paragraph with phrases like:
i) According to the...
ii) Based on the...
iii) With reference to...

ConclusionFor the closing, it consists of minimum two sentences, Prediction (Pi) and Proposal (Pii).

P(i)- What future trend can you predict? Answer: If x happens, then y will continue to increase, decrease, stabilise or fluctuate.

P(ii)- What recommendation can you propose? Answer: The government/company/United Nations can...
*P(ii) is not compulsory but it will differentiate the higher bands from the lower ones.

NOTE: While the word limit suggested is 150 to 200 words, you must write exactly 200 words!
Writing more means there may be more grammatical errors which will cause you to be marked down.

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