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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Nasi Kerabu ( Herbed Rice)

But i will pronoun it as nasi kelehbu ...hehe xP

The recipe of nasi kerabu:

To make the kerabu toast the grated coconut in a dry pan, over low

heat making sure to stir constantly until it turns golden brown.

Next blend the ginger and shallots together . After that, add flaked fish,
blended ingredients, and kerisik in a bowl and mix it .

To make the sauce :
Grind the chillies and shallots together .Add in
blended spices with coconut milk, asam keping , lemongrass ,salt and sugar.

To make the garnishing ,
put the budu and sliced bird chillies with lime wedges.

To serve the nasi kerabu ~
Put rice on a plate , several pinches of the herb and vegetable garnishes accompany with Ayam Percik .

It is the yummy yummy meals for your dinner ....hehe^^

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  1. Looks and sounds absolutely delicious! Let's have a party or open house and eat all the food featured here!